Valley of Angels

Melekler Vadisi is a valley at a distance of 3 km to Melekler Evi, among hundreds of fairy chimneys, in a place where there are vineyards and fruit trees, special to Melekler Evi. Our guests can take a jovial and peaceful walk in Melekler Vadisi, among the fairy chimneys which are natural works of art each, accompanied with woodnotes, they can taste the various fruits from our fruit trees and they can pick grapes from our vineyards. You can have a picnic under the big walnut tree and you can feel the privilege of lying down under the shadows of the trees and reading a book.

-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Sometimes you need to get away, to get closer to
Sometimes you need to remember, to be remembered
Sometimes you need to cry, to open up
Sometimes you need to commemorate, to be named
Sometimes they must remain silent, to hear ...
Shams-i Tabrizi